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Jul 10

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Cut Section of a Ashok Leyland Truck Engine

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I am from 2011-15 batch and currently working as a Design Engineer of Defence Vehicles at Ashok Leyland, a commercial vehicle manufacturer, in Chennai, along with Siddharth Bhattaroy, same batch, who is handling marketing of Light Vehicles in Chandigarh.

As we work for a vehicle manufacturing company, we had a thought if we could donate a cut section Engine model to our college so that students of Mechanical Engineering department would get a feel of a combustion Engine while they are in college itself. A typical Ashok Leyland Engine costs around 5-6 lacs.

We had discussion with our management here if there was a possibility to donate a Engine to our college for illustrative purpose of students. They have verbally agreed for the donation.

Now the problem is, just sending an Engine will not suffice. A proper cut section is required with a proper stand to keep it so that everybody gets a proper feel of the internal parts of the same. A cut section model of an Engine look like the picture uploaded.

The total cost for the cutsection is around 35000 INR including the painting and the stand and the door to door delivery of the Engine from Chennai to AEC will cost around 10000 INR (total 45000 INR). We have no idea of where to get this amount from, so we are writing here.

We spoke to RKD sir, HOD Mechanical Dept, but he replied that he has no control over money related issues of the department. After that we had a discussion with Pradip Sir and he suggested to post the issue here.

We have only a week's time to decide over the Engine or else the company will clear its inventory.

Please suggest if we should take this up, and if so, how? or should we drop our plan.

Looking out for valuable suggestions.

Thank you.

Niranjan Sureka (9706768686)

Siddharth Bhattaroy (9791112064)


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