1. NAME OF THE SOCIETY: The name of the society shall be "ASSAM ENGINEERING COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION" and shall be referred to as the ASSOCIATION subsequently in these articles.
  2. BYE LAWS: These Bye-laws shall be read along with the Memorandum and Rules and Regulations of the Association.
    1. The Executive Committee as specified in the section 9.1.1 shall be elected in the Annual General Body Meeting of the Association through simple majority of votes.
    2. A notice of the Annual General Body Meeting may be served on any member either personally or by sending it through ordinary post at the address available in records of the Association through newspaper advertisements.
    3. It shall be the duty of a member to keep informing the Association about his/her current address so that the proceedings of the Association, activities and notices for meeting could be sent to him/her.
  4. FINANCIAL POWER OF THE SECRETARY: For non budget item the Power of the Secretary shall be limited to Rs. 2000.00 subject to the approval of the Working President and submission of Accounts of previous similar funds, if any.
  5. SUBSCRIPTION: The rate of subscription shall be as follows:
    • Rs. 500.00 for alumni living in India at the time of application.
    • US $ 100 for overseas Alumni.
    • Rs. 250.00 for Associate Life Members.
    1. A local chapter can be founded in any city India or abroad where there are a minimum of 12 Alumni Association members subject to Approval of the Executive Committee of the Association. The chapter has to get this Approval from the Executive Committee of the association every five years failing which the local chapter shall be deemed to be closed.
    2. They may elect one Chairman, one Secretary and one Treasurer in addition to two executive members to arrange the affairs of the Chapter. A meeting of all members of the chapter must be convened at least once a year.
    3. The Secretary of the Chapter should inform names and addresses of the office bearers and a list of members of the local chapter to the Secretary of the Association once in a year.
    4. The local chapters have to raise their own funds for their chapter activities.
    5. The local chapters will receive a copy of the AGM report and other publications of the Association.
    6. The audited accounts of the local chapters shall be submitted to the Association once a year.
    7. The membership fee as mentioned in the clause 5 of Bye-Law has to be deposited to the Executive Committee of the Association and additional amount of Rs. 200.00 (Rupees two hundred only) may be raised for activities of the Chapter.
  7. AD-HOC COMMITTEE: In absence of an Executive Committee, an Ad hoc Committee shall not function for more 6 (six) months and shall call for a General Body Meeting within the period and the meeting will be presided over by the Principal, AEC. The new Executive Body will be formed as per Rules and Regulations.
  8. SPECIAL INVITEE: The Executive Committee of the Association is Authorised to induct eminent members /associate members of the Association as special invitees as and when considered necessary. Such invitees shall not have the voting rights in the Executive Committee meetings.