Rules and Regulations

  1. NAME OF THE SOCIETY: The name of the society shall be "ASSAM ENGINEERING COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION" and shall be referred to as the ASSOCIATION subsequently in these articles.
  2. ADDRESS: Assam Engineering College Alumni Association, Assam Engineering College, Jalukbari, Guwahati-781013, Assam, India
  3. JURISDICTION: The jurisdiction shall be all over India & abroad, but any disputes/case/suit shall be instituted and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in Guwahati only.
  4. MEMBERSHIP: All Alumni of the Assam Engineering College (henceforth abbreviated as AEC) shall be eligible for Life Membership of the Association.
  5. ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: The following shall be eligible for Associate Life Membership of the Association.
    • All members of the Teaching Staff of AEC who are not alumni of the AEC, working in regular or temporary basis.
    • All ex-members of Teaching Staff of AEC who are not alumni of the AEC.
    • All associated members shall have participatory right in discussion, be members of the Sub-Committee and can be co-opted as members of various committees but shall have no Voting Rights and cannot hold office of the Executive Body.
  6. CESSATION OF MEMBERSHIP: A member of the Association shall cease to be a member if he/she resigns from his/her membership or is found to be unsound mind or is convicted by a court of law for any offence, on moral grounds or termination by the Executive Committee of the membership for compelling reasons and as per clause 14.5 of the Rules and Regulation.
    1. General Body: There shall be a General Body of the Association consisting of all members.
    2. Executive Body: There shall be an Executive Committee to manage affairs of the Association.
    3. Local Chapters:
      • There may be local chapters of the Association in India or abroad.
      • The relationship with the local chapters will be governed by the Bye-Laws of the Association.
      • This local chapters shall not be under the financial control of the registered office of the Association in Guwahati.
    1. The General Body shall consists of all the members of the Association.
    2. The General Body of the Association shall hold an Annual General Meeting at least once a year and not more than 14 (fourteen) months shall elapse between two successive Annual General Meetings. Annual General Meeting shall be preferably held in the the month of April.
    3. A prior notice of clear 21 days for convening an Annual general Meeting shall ordinarily be given to The members by the Secretary in consultation with the President.
    4. An emergent meeting of the General Body can only be convened by the President for compelling reasons at short notice.
    5. Fifty (50) members present in person shall form a Quorum for any meeting of the General Body. If the Is adjourned for want of quorum, the adjourned Meeting will be convened within 21 days to transact the same business and the members present shall form the quorum.
    6. The duties of the General Body shall be:
      • To set guidelines for the Executive Committee so as to achieve the objectives of the Association.
      • To consider and adopt the Annual Report and Audited Accounts of the Association.
      • To approve the budget for the following year.
      • To honour the Jubilee Alumni and distinguished Alumni.
      • To elect Office Bearers and members of the Executive Committee.
      • To transact any other business with the permission President.
    1. The Executive Committee shall consist of:
      • President 1
      • Working President 1
      • Vice-President 1
      • Vice-President 1
      • Secretary 1
      • Treasurer 1
      • Joint Secretary 2
      • Members 11
      Election of the executive committee
      • The President of the Association will be elected from the members having voting rights. The Principal AEC without having voting right or an Alumnus without having Voting Right or an Alumnus holding the same post but not willing to Put nomination, will be a permanent invitee as the Chief Advisor to the Committee.
      • All other office bearers and members of the Executive Committee shall be elected. Amongst The working President, Secretary, Treasurer and The Jt. Secretaries, at least 4 (four) members of The office bearers have to be stationed in Guwahati.
      • Two members shall be nominated by the Working President.
      • The immediate past Secretary shall be an ex-offico member.
      • The procedure for the election of the office bearers of the Association shall be regulated according to the Bye-Laws of the Association.
      • No elected/nominated office bearer shall hold office for more than two consecutive terms.
      • Office Bearers and Members of the Executive Committee will be elected at Annual General Body Meeting amongst the members present in The meeting with the consent of members proposed.
    2. The Executive Committee will ordinarily meet Quarterly but the Secretary may call an emergent Meeting at any time.
    3. A prior notice of 7 days shall ordinarily be given to Members for convening a meeting.
    4. The quorum for the Executive Committee meeting shall be six. In case there is no quorum it shall be adjourned.
    5. In case any vacancy arises in the Executive Committe Shall fill this vacancy by nomination. A vacancy would be deemed to arise when an Executive Committee member expresses his/her Inability to discharge responsibility or when a member Dies or if a member remains absent for three Consecutive EC meetings without information.
    6. The Executive Committee shall have all powers With regard to management and promotion of Objectives of the Association according to the Directives, if any, of the General Body.
    7. The office bearers and members of the Executive Committee shall normally hold office only 2 (two) Years only.
    8. Different sub-committee may be formed by the Executive Committee as and when felt necessary. The functioning of the Committee will cease as and when activities are completed.
    1. President: The President shall preside over Executive Committee Meetings and the General Body Meetings. The President shall have voting powers.
    2. Working President:
      • The Working President shall act for the President in his/her absence. He/She shall have all the powers for the management and promotion of the objectives of the Association.
      • The Working President shall have power to convene Executive Committee meetings of the Association in absence of the Secretary.
    3. Vice President: The Vice President shall act for the President in absence of both President and the Working President. He shall render advice to the Executive Committee with regard to promotion of the objectives of the Association.
    4. Secretary:
      • The Secreatry should attend all activities as approved by the Executive Committee.
      • The Secretary should be responsible for carrying out all correspondence and preparation and distribution of all publications of the Association.
      • Within fourteen days after holding the Annual General Body Meeting, the Secretary shall file the following information with the Registrar of Societies.
        • List of names, address and occupations of members of the Executive Committee.
        • An annual report of the previous year.
        • A copy of the Balance Sheet and auditors report.
    5. Treasurer:
      • The treasurer shall be responsible for the for the maintainence of the financial records & accounts of the Association.
      • The treasurer shall operate the funds of the Association jointly either with the Working President or the Secretary.
    1. Amendment to the rules and regulations shall be carried out only by a General Body meeting when a minimum of three-fifth of the majority votes of the members present are obtained.
    2. The proposed amendment to the rules and regulations shall be circulated to all the members as an agenda item for the General Body Meeting.
    1. The Association shall raise funds for Pursuing the objectives of the Association through:
      • Subscriptions from members. The rates of subscription shall be governed by the Bye Laws of the Association.
      • Sum of amount donated by members.
      • Any other source provided by Executive Committee.
    2. The accounts of the Association shall be maintained in any scheduled bank in Guwahati into which all subscriptions, donations and other income shall be credited.
    3. Financial Year of the Association shall be from April 1 to March 31.
    4. The funds of the Association may be invested in Government Securities, Bonds and Debentures of the Registered companies and financial institutions under Company’s Act 1956 or fixed deposit in nationalized banks, subject to the Approval of the Executive Committee.
    5. Withdrawals from the invested funds shall be only with the approval of the Executive Committee.
    6. The funds raised through membership subscription shall not be spent for any purpose. However interest occuring thereon can be utilized through approval of the Executive Committee.
  13. AUDIT OF ACCOUNTS: The accounts of the association shall be a audited once a year by a chartered Accountant to be appointed by the Executive Committee, after these are duly audited by an internal auditor duly appointed by the Executive Committee.
    1. The Secretary or any office bearer authorised by the Executive Committee may sue on behalf of the Association. When the Association is being sued, the Secretary will represent the Association.
    2. No suit or proceeding shall fail by reason of any vacancy or change in the holder of the office of the Secretary or any office bearer authorised on its behalf.
    3. Every decree or order against the Association in any suit or proceeding shall be executable against the property of the Association and not against the property of the Secretary.
    4. Not herein shall exempt the Secretary or an office bearer of the Association from any criminal liability, entitle him/her to claim any contribution from the property of the Association in respect of any claim paid by him/her on conviction by criminal court unless it is attributable to Association matters.
    5. No member of the Association may be sued or expelled or prosecuted by the Association except for any injury or loss, damage, detention or destruction of any property of the Association and any activities detrimental to the ethics of the Association.
    1. The following record shall be maintained in the office of the Association:
      • Roll of membership.
      • Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting
      • Minutes of the General Body Meeting.
      • Stock Register of non-consumable items.
      • Cash Book and Ledger.
      • Copies of all publications and reports of the Association.
    2. The record shall include details of all sums of money received and the sources thereof, and all the sums of money spent.
    3. Every member of the General Body shall have the right of inspection of the records of the Association with prior appointment of the Secretary.
    4. Some of the disposable records as decided by the Executive Committee may be disposed off/destroyed.
  16. WINDING UP OF THE SOCIETY: The winding up of the Association shall be carried out as per relevant clauses of Societies Registration Act.